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Eye Lens Price in Pakistan

Nowadays, online shopping trend has taken over the world and the biggest problem for everyone is to find the most authentic e-stores that provide you with the highest quality products and pocket-friendly prices. We know that it is very exhausting to check all the Instagram and Facebook pages and all the websites that do not even look so promising. That’s why Contact Lenses Pakistan is here to help you find the highest quality eye lens price in Pakistan.

We offer the most affordable eye lens price in Pakistan with an extensive collection of contact lenses ranging from all types and all colors of eye lenses. Wearing contact lenses on a day to day basis, or for special occasions such as weddings or parties has become a trend among the youth of Pakistan. Many men and women consider colored lenses as their style statement. While others don’t prefer their nerdy and geeky look of eyeglasses so they shift to contact lenses to look more trendy.

Some people opt to wear contact lenses for fashion and some others might wear it as their prescription eye lenses. For whatever purpose you want to buy eye lenses, we will guide you through all your queries. Even if you are not sure about the color or brand of eye lenses that will suit you then you can all take help from our experts who will give you the best suggestions according to your style. We are among the best contact lenses store in Pakistan that provides the best eye lens price in Pakistan with the highest quality products.

Hidrocor Lenses
Bausch & Lomb Lenses

Shop the Best Selling Top Lenses Brands in Pakistan is a one-stop online contact lens online store for all your eye lens related needs. Here you can find the top contact lenses brand in Pakistan at very cheap and affordable rates. Have you ever gone through this phase of life where you thought of changing your look but then stopped because you don’t own enough money for buying fancy clothes or having a new hair dye? Well, we have a solution for you! brings the best colored lens price in Pakistan and transparent lenses as well. The vast collection features all kinds of eye lenses for daily to occasional wear. Also, these high-quality lenses provide clear vision and comfort all day long. 

A new and affordable way to switch your gloomy looks to something new and exciting is just to buy a cheap or high-quality contact lenses pair from It is the best and most affordable option for the ultimate transformation. Just buying a pair of the top contact lenses brand in Pakistan can have a huge impact on changing your appearance. For peeps with weak eyesight, we also cater to weak eyesight lenses. You can find the top weak eyesight lens price in Pakistan only at our website.

So head over to to find the top contact lenses brand in Pakistan at budget-friendly prices that won’t be heavy on your pocket. Our extensive range has all the top eye lenses brand in Pakistan to choose from. The following eye lenses brands are available in our store.

Prices For Eye Lens In Pakistan

  • Flexcon Price- Rs.3850
  • Freshlook Price- Rs. 2650
  • Bella Elite Price- Rs. 3950
  • Freshkon Price- Rs. 2400
  • Ultima Price- Rs. 2500
  • Acuvue oasys Price- Rs. 5200
  • Biomedics Price- Rs. 1400
  • Biomedics Toric Price- Rs. 3400
  • Focus Dailies Price- Rs. 4500
  • Bella Diamond Price- Rs. 3180
  • Comfort Price- Rs. 2400

The market is flooded with contact lens sellers at the moment but most of the time their prices are sky-high for many international brands. brings you authentic contact lens brands at the lowest price possible. You can blindly trust our company to always provide you with the best quality at the lowest cost. 

Shopping contact lenses online can get difficult as you can not see the contact lenses in person as the descriptions do not give a well enough idea. Therefore, we include a contact lenses shade card with every brand for the ease of our customers. 

The five star colored contact lens review and transparent contact lens review from our customers have made us popular among contact lens buyers. Also, the quick delivery service and best customer support are a plus point in always providing the best. 

Top Selling Bella Lenses in Pakistan Available on

Bella Lenses are a leading name when it comes to shopping for colored contact lenses. The different collections of Bella lenses cater to every need from natural to vibrant look. Also, these lenses provide optimal comfort throughout the day. Some of the best selling Bella contact lenses are listed: 

Bella Lenses Grey Caramel

Shop the worldwide best selling Bella Grey Caramel lenses from the Bella Glow Collection. These lenses come with subtle grey tones with a hazel hue to give a stunning caramel shade. These high-quality lenses provide comfort and prevent any itching or irritation in the eyes. Buy these premium quality contact lenses with or without a prescription option. 

Bella Vivid Blue Lenses

The Bella Glow Vivid Blue lenses feature a dark ocean blue color and subtle gold highlights. These lenses are perfect to transform your look for any occasion. Also, you can get these lenses in a power option for comfortable wear throughout the day without the need for eyeglasses. Order these best selling Bella contact lenses to upgrade your look today!

Bella Lenses Navy Gray

These Bella Gray lenses add a fancy touch to your eyes with the cool gray undertones. Also, these premium quality lenses are suitable for daily wear without any discomfort. Wear these lenses with your favorite outfit to make your personality shine brighter. Bella lenses collection is now available on with the best selling Bella lens shades. 

Shop the Wide Range of Dahab Lenses Shades on

We stock the top selling Dahab contact lenses collection on our website containing a wide variety of shades. 

Dahab platinum is a premium collection that comes with beautiful contact lenses shades inspired by the true colors of nature. Adorn these unique shades and turn heads wherever you go! 

Dahab Gold is available as well with several vibrant shades. Order your colored contact lenses in your favorite shade with free delivery all across the country.

Lowest Price of Freshlook Contact Lenses Online

Freshlook lenses are available in the 12 most unique and stunning colors with a prescription option. Also, the high moisture content makes them ideal for wearing over a longer period. sells these high quality colored contacts at the lowest price in the country. 

View the Freshlook shade card to choose your desired color and select the prescription given along. This collection features almost every shade and tone possible that cater to every need. Not only these lenses are highly comfortable but also look exquisite for every occasion. 

Transparent or Clear Lens Price in Pakistan 

Clear lenses are mostly used as power contact lenses or weak eyesight contact lenses. stocks a wide range of premium quality lenses brands that cater to all eye lens prescriptions. Simply choose your desired contact lenses brand and upload your prescription. We offer a fast delivery service with the best customer support for a happy purchase. is an online store where you can buy all the renowned and top contact lenses brands in Pakistan at the cheapest and affordable prices. While buying contact lenses it is foremost important to get your eyes checked by the best opticians that are available to you. You should be well aware of the type of lenses that will suit you and if you need farsighted or nearsighted eye lenses.

We aim to provide our customers with the best quality products so we never compromise on the quality of our products. You don’t have to be concerned about receiving low-quality types of contact lenses. At our store you can find almost all types of contact lenses that suit you the most, these includes:

Biomedics One Day Daily Disposable Lenses 

Shop these best selling daily disposable lenses in Pakistan available at the best price on These contact lenses are made from the highest quality material and provide the best visual clarity. Each box comes with a pack of 30 disposable lenses and each box costs only 4,800 PKR.

Bausch and Lomb Lenses

Shop the top-selling contact lenses brand Bausch and Lomb on available at the most affordable price. These lenses are specifically designed using the latest technology to provide top-tier comfort to the customers. Also, these lenses promise to provide eye protection and crisp clarity all day long. 

Bausch and Lomb Soflens daily disposable clear contact lenses come in concise packaging of 30 contact lenses. These lenses are daily disposable contact lenses that mean you do not have to clean them every single day. Rather, you can just take them off after your day and dispose of them. 

The high Bausch and Lomb contact lens review online made them a top seller in the local market. These lenses come with a complementary lens kit to store your contact lenses. 

Toric Contact Lenses

People with astigmatism need to wear toric lenses as these come with a particular design and two powers to rectify your vision. has a wide range of toric lens brands that provide premium quality contact lenses for clear vision.  

Eye soft toric contact lenses

These transparent contact lenses are one of the best weak eyesight lenses online. The soft material and hydration provide comfort for up to eight hours. Also, these contact lenses come at a very affordable price on Eye soft toric lenses are also available in hazel and grey contact lenses shades for a fresh look. 

Biomedics toric contact lenses

Buy 100% genuine Biomedics toric contact lenses in Pakistan from These extended wear contact lenses come in power options and provide clear vision. Also, the UV blocking filter helps protect your eyes every day. Shop these best-selling contact lenses online at a reasonable price and get them delivered to your home.

Surf through our website and find your perfect match. In our store, you can buy all the alluring shades of lenses to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Hop over to our website and shop for your perfect match.

Protect Your Eyes with Best Contact Lens Solutions

Contact Lenses are considered as a much better and easy-to-handle alternative to eyeglasses. This is because contact lenses only require two steps of care that are:

  1. Wash your hands before and after handling your eye lenses
  2. Clean your eye lenses with the contact lenses solution

Now offers all the best contact lenses solutions for its customers at our online store. Many people don’t understand the importance of contact lenses solutions. As the food is important for health similarly the contact lens solution is also vital to preserving the health of your eye lenses. We offer all the high-quality contact lenses solution at our store so you don’t have to exhaust yourself for finding a good solution.

  • Renu contact lens solution 360 ml
  • Renu lens solution 120 ml
  • Sauflon all in one light lens solution 380 ml
  • Sauflon HY Care 380 ml
  • Dura Plus contact lens solution  360 ml
  • Dura Plus lens solution 120 ml
  • Ultimate plus contact lens solution 360 ml
  • Ultimate plus lens solution 120 ml
  • Ultra Soft contact lens solution 120 ml
  • Opti Free Express lens solution


We have answered some frequently asked questions from people who wish to buy contact lenses online. 

Which lens is best for eyes? 

Answer: carries a wide range of colored and transparent contact lenses according to your needs. Among these, some of the best seller brands include Bausch and Lomb, Fresh look lenses, Clear contact lenses, Acuvue one day moist contact lenses, and many more.

You can opt for power lenses in transparent or colored lenses according to your desire. All you need to do is provide us your prescription and get your power lenses delivered to you. Meanwhile, you can also contact our customer support in case of any queries. 

How much are the cheapest contact lenses? 

Answer: Some brands offer cheap contact lenses for a very low price depending on if they are for daily or monthly wear. Generally, lenses cost between 300 PKR to 2500 PKR on average. However, more expensive lenses are also available in case you do not want to compromise the health of your eyes for a cheaper alternative. 

Eyes are extremely delicate so always check eye lens review online before purchasing your lenses. Cheaper contact lenses can cause irritation in the eyes, infection, and sometimes lead to blindness in severe cases.  

Are eye contacts cheaper than glasses? 

Answer: Generally, contact lenses cost more than your typical eyeglasses. However, it vastly depends on the brand and type of eyeglasses you are getting. Mostly, the price of high-quality contact lenses and prescription is more or less the same. 

Nowadays, good quality eyeglasses frames cost more as they use refined and premium quality materials. Also, several affordable contact lenses brands deal with high-quality options. Sometimes, colored contact lenses are pricier and the power option adds to the total cost. 

What is the price of contact lenses in Pakistan?

Answer: Eye lens price varies widely as different brands offer different quality. Premium quality contact lenses brands start from 2,000 PKR and can go up to 5,000 PKR. However, there are some high-quality contact lenses brands that keep their prices on average, You can get some top quality contact lenses for an affordable price of 3,000 PKR.

Some people choose to buy cheaper quality contact lenses to cut the cost. However, these cheap contact lenses can cost you way more in the long run. Always prioritize the health of your eyes before going for poor quality lenses. 

Can lenses improve eyesight?

Answer: Eye lenses work the same as your eyeglasses to correct your vision. These lenses help people with different conditions such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness see clearly. Contact lenses will give you visual clarity as long as you are wearing them. However, lenses do not fix vision permanently. 

There are many surgical and laser techniques to permanently fix your eyesight. Meanwhile, you can always opt for contact lenses that give the same effect while you are wearing them throughout the day. can fulfill all your eye lens needs with a wide variety of lens options. Our online store stocks all the best selling brands at an economical price for our local customer base. All the contact lens brands are internationally shipped and safely delivered to you. 

We also provide free shipping on all brands of contact lenses. Now you can easily browse through the website to select your favorite lenses and make your desired purchase.