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Clear Vision Lenses Price in Pakistan

Clear Vision contact lenses are a brand of transparent contact lenses that were introduced in the year 2005. It offers a wide range of power lenses for the correction of your weak eyesight. Don’t hide your beautiful eyes behind the boring and nerdy eyeglasses, instead replace them with these original Clear Vision contact lenses to embrace your natural beauty. These best price contact lenses are made from Silicone Hydrogel material and are designed with a unique base curve to create comfortable and secure fitting lenses. They are available in two reliable collections that are Clear Vision and Clear Vision Daily Disposable contact lenses. Get your prescribed power contact lenses at reasonable prices. 

Lenses Price
Clear Vision Rs. 2,200
Clear Vision Daily Disposable Rs. 4,440

Clear Vision

Cleat Vision contact lenses are monthly disposable transparent contact lenses for men and women to enhance their visual ability without any trouble of carrying the heavyweight of eyeglasses. Buy these original contact lenses at the best price with the highest level of protection from harmful UV rays and add up moisture to your dull and dry eyes.

Clear Vision Daily Disposable

Clear Vision daily Disposable lenses are convenient and secure lenses that promote good eye health. These authentic contact lenses are made from Hilafilcon B and 55% Water content, meaning that they provide a moist and hydrated experience lasting for up to 12 hours.