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Dahab Contact Lenses Price in Pakistan

Dahab Contact Lenses in Pakistan are exclusively designed for our beauties who want to vamp up their appearance and steal the spotlight with their chic looks. Adding a pair of colored contacts to your eye-wear wardrobe will swiftly elevate your fashion style. These lenses are exceptionally designed in multiple tints to complement everyone’s personality. They offer a wide variety of contact lenses as Dahab Gold and Dahab Platinum. We give a free travel kit with each order. also provides free delivery across Pakistan.

Lenses Pair Price
Dahab Gold Rs. 2,800
Dahab Platinum Rs. 3,300

Buy the Top Selling Dahab Contact Lenses in Pakistan

Dahab contact lenses became quickly popular in Pakistan due to their high quality and extensive shade range. Also, the low Dahab lenses price adds a plus point to this brand. The brand features a mixture of the most vibrant and natural contact lens shades available in the market at this time. 

These lenses are manufactured using the finest materials to provide the customers with comfortable wear all day. Also, the structure and material of the lenses ensure that you do not feel any discomfort during the day while wearing these lenses. 

Dahab lenses are manufactured with comfort and style in mind. Even the most unique shades in this range do not look tacky or exorbitant. Also, these lenses come in two beautiful collections suitable for naturally dark brown eyes and the full range of complexions. 

Dahab lenses manufacturing company is located in Korea where they employ the best techniques to produce the finest quality contact lenses for its customers. The customer base of Dahab lenses grew over the past years and extended to the Gulf countries, European countries, the USA, and also widely popular in Asia. 

There is a high demand for Dahab contact lenses in Pakistan but the international shipping costs are exorbitant. Meanwhile, sells these imported contact lenses locally through the online shop at the lowest cost in Pakistan. Now you can enjoy the premium quality colored contact lenses at the most affordable price through

Where Can I Buy Dahab Contact Lenses in Pakistan? is the ultimate online store for all contact lens related needs. We stock both the gold and platinum collections from Dahab lenses in a variety of shades. These lenses are 100% genuine and authentic and always come in a sealed package. 

We offer the widest range of colored contact lenses and eyesight lenses in Pakistan in all cities across the country. You can avail the best shipping service and the most affordable price from our website. Also, stay in touch for our latest offers and discounts on contact lenses brands available on the website. 

Dahab Daily Collection Available on

The Dahab one day lenses range offers a wide variety of shades handpicked from the gold and platinum collection. These lenses are only suitable for wear up to thirty times and you need to discard them after that. 

The Dahab daily collection includes an extensive variety of patterns and shades for you to choose from. One day contact lenses by Dahab offer more comfort than the half yearly contact lenses. Also, these lenses do not have as much debris build up on the surface and you do not have to go through the hassle of taking care of them.

Using the same contact lens pair over a long period can increase the risk of infection due to minor negligence. However, a fresh pair poses no such risk and easier to use than other contact lenses. 

Shop the Most Unique Dahab Lenses Shades Online

Dahab SunKiss Lenses

The sun kiss contact lenses by Dahab have a special blend of grey tones mixed with brown shades and a soft outer ring. Also, the hazel tones add a charming mix to this pair of contact lenses. SunKiss Dahab lenses give the perfect tones of dark brown eyes and perfect for any day or night event. 

The delicate limbal ring extends into a beautiful pattern and hazel brown shade towards the pupil. These are one of the best selling brown toned contact lenses by Dahab all over the world. 

Dahab Caramel Lenses

The caramel shade offers a unique mix of green and brown shades to give a gorgeous caramel tint. These lenses are designed with high opacity to cover your natural eye color well. 

The light green tint of these lenses merges with a brown shade towards the center for a smooth transition. Also, the soft outer ring accentuates the size of your eyes and draws attention towards them. These lenses are ideal for those who want to wear soft light green colored lenses without looking unnatural.

Dahab Sky Lenses

The top selling Dahab Sky lens gives the perfect natural light toned blue shade to your eyes. These lenses are ideal for people who want blue eyes but afraid of looking over the top. 

The lack of a limbal ring makes this pair appear more natural and subtle in the eyes. 

A unique mix of light grey and blue tones add a special effect to these blue contact lenses. Also, these contact lenses suit every skin tone and hair color equally. 

Dahab Mentha Lenses

Experience a classy green shade with a luxurious touch in Dahab lenses mentha color from the Platinum collection. These lenses feature an elegant pattern and a delicate limbal ring for utmost perfection. 

The novel grainy pattern around the pupil gives a realistic touch to these lenses. Also, the limbal ring is perfect for those who want an enlarging effect for their eyes. 

Dahab Marron Lenses

The light maroon Dahab lenses shade features an exclusive blend of maroon and purple shades. This unique pair comes without a limbal ring for a more realistic and natural look. The light violet tones mixed with brown around the pupil look absolutely ethereal. 

Dahab maroon lens is perfect for light purple toned eyes. Even though this shade does not exist as natural eye color, these lenses look absolutely natural yet one of a kind. 

Which Dahab Contact Lenses Shades Are the Best For You?

Dahab lenses come in two beautiful and luxurious collections with a diversity of different shades for you to choose from. The shades and patterns are absolutely unique and offer the best Dahab Lenses quality. 

The Gold collection features numerous shades ideal for dark eyes as they offer maximum pigment opacity. Also, the gorgeous colors in this range are to die for. 

For an elegant look, the Dahab Gold Collection offers eight lens shades that look brilliant and bright on the eyes. These shades feature fine patterns and delicate lines to accentuate your eyes even more. 

The Dahab Gold shades in this range include Dahab Caramel, Dahab Sabrin Soul, Dahab Lumiere Green, Dahab Lumiere Gray, Dahab Aqua, Dahab Solitaire, Dahab Lumiere Blue, and Dahab Lumiere Hazel. 

However, there are nine other shades that take inspiration from the true colors of nature and give a fascinating and delightful look to your eyes. 

These shades include Dahab Ice, Dahab Cat eye, Dahab Sky, Dahab Marron, Dahab Hind, Dahab Creamy, Dahab Gray Green, Dahab Lumiere Brown, and Dahab Tiffany Blue. 

Another glamorous collection including six stunning shades adds to the beauty of your eyes. The immaculate and natural shades look charming with a smooth blend of elegance and style. 

These glimmering shades include Dahab Sabrin Gray, Dahab Swarovski, Dahab Diamond, Dahab Medusa, Dahab Topaz, and Dahab Sun kiss. 

Another outstanding collection by Dahab, the Platinum collection comes with six beautiful shades that immediately capture the attention. This collection integrates the beauty and charm of nature in the perfect way possible. Also, the innovation of this collection adds a special touch to this gorgeous collection. 

Dahab platinum collection comes with six vibrant and smooth shades inspired by the wonders found in nature. 

The platinum Dahab shades include Dahab Alaska, Dahab Rain, Dahab Perle, Dahab Hawaii, Dahab Argan, and Dahab Mentha. 

Dahab Contact Lenses Review of All Shades

Dahab lenses are manufactured keeping innovation and style in mind. These lenses offer maximum pigment intensity which gives versatility and perfection to this brand. The brand launched a variety of shades that cover your natural eye color and let you express the eyeshade of your choice. 

Also, the unbeatable price of Dahab lenses comes with premium quality contact lenses that fit well in your eyes. The designers of these lenses keep all the aspects including the diameter, hydration, and base curve in mind for the maximum comfort of the customers. 

All the shades in the Dahab lenses catalog are produced after great ponder and thought into the product. Each pair has a specific blend of shades that gives a multidimensional effect to the eyes. Also, the delicate patterns, concise limbal ring, and beautiful textures give a realistic look to these lenses. 

Even the most vibrant shades like blue, purple, and green have a natural effect and look absolutely gorgeous on every eye color. Dahab lenses offer a shade for everyone with a high diversity of shade range. Also, these shades are perfect for light to dark complexions.