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Freshlook Contact Lenses Price in Pakistan

Open your doors to the enlightening and hypnotizing world of Freshlook colored contact lenses in Pakistan, which is the first brand of contact lenses to be sold when there was no other brand introduced in the market. For numerous years, the product quality has been maintained, and excellent customer satisfaction is also assured with its amazing benefits.

Freshlook Contact lenses are soft and comfortable to wear all day long without any trouble with heaviness and silly nose ring patterns. It provides an experience of a crisp and clear vision while walking in the rain or swimming on the beach. These best price original Freshlook contact lenses in Pakistan are made from premium 45% Phemfilcon A material, and hydrogel with a very high water content property of up to 55%. They keep your eyes hydrated for a long time while ensuring a sense of comfort to your eyes. 

Lens Collection Price
Freshlook Rs. 2,650
Freshlook Oneday Rs. 800

Freshlook contact lenses are not only prescription lenses but are also your upcoming style statement. Freshlook Lenses Color Chart provides an extensive variety of colors ranging from grey, brown, green, blue, pure hazel, sterling grey, brilliant blue, gemstone green, amethyst, honey, true sapphire, and turquoise colors. Freshlook Colorblends review provides its unique 3-in-1 technology. It seamlessly blends with your natural eye color and its high water content provides a cushion to your eyes. It is a minute detail that adds power to your personality giving you stunning and captivating eyes. 

Buy the best Freshlook contact lenses at affordable prices. For our beloved customers, we are now delivering a free travel kit with each order on colored contact lenses. As a cherry on top, we also provide free delivery across Pakistan.

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Are you looking for cheap and affordable colored contact lenses suitable for every day? FreshLook lenses offer two colored lens collections with different wear times according to your preference Not only these lenses are highly reasonable but also made with the finest quality materials. 

You can order FreshLook lenses at discounted rates from or buy wholesale Freshlook contact lenses from our website. We offer the most reasonable prices for these imported colored contacts available in Pakistan. 

Shop FreshLook Tinted Contact Lenses

FreshLook lenses are a popular name in the world of contact lenses due to their gorgeous shade range and natural patterns. These lenses are accessible to everyone and look equally beautiful on every face. Sometimes, people are afraid of colored lenses looking too artificial on their face due to the bright single tone shades. However, FreshLook color lenses have a unique blended pattern that mixes three tones for a natural looking real eyeshade. 

The wide range of FreshLook tinted contact lenses comes in all tones and shades. Hence, you can find every shade in their collection that you have been looking for. FreshLook brand always comes out with innovative and easy to use products for men and women all around the world. These lenses are also well suited for the dark colored Asian eyes and light colored eyes as well. You do not have to worry about your dark eye color being visible through these lenses. The tint on FreshLook color contacts is not sheer and completely covers the natural shade of your iris. 

FreshLook Contact Lenses Colour Chart

The top selling range of FreshLook contact lenses is the colorblends range that features 12 gorgeous shades blended to perfection. The FreshLook colorblends shade card shows the beautiful colors in this range including FreshLook colorblends gemstone green, gray FreshLook, Honey lenses FreshLook, and FreshLook Sapphire Blue among several other colors. 

FreshLook gray on brown eyes looks incredibly immaculate and suits all colors of skin. This particular shade does not have an artificial look to it due to the soft blend of brown tones with the gray color. Hence, it is perfect for a natural look for any event or party. Pure hazel FreshLook on dark eyes also looks absolutely beautiful and completely covers the natural eye tone. 

The FreshLook one day collection also comes with stunning colors suitable for day time or evening wear. This collection features everyday basic colors that you can wear for one time and dispose of them later. FreshLook one day color includes four unique shades with beautiful patterns that mimic the real eye look.

Shop FreshLook Colorblends Contacts No Prescription Lenses

FreshLook lenses in Pakistan are available on in Plain or power option depending on your choice. You can get these color lenses with your prescription for easy wear or get them in zero power option if you do not wear glasses. Both ways, these lenses bring back life to dull eyes and make them look even more prominent to your face. 

Eyes are the most noticeable part of your face and impart a beautiful look to it. Meanwhile, your eye color makes a huge difference in how noticeable your eyes look. Therefore, many people opt for colored lenses as a temporary trick to add some brightness and a warm glow to their face.

FreshLook cosmetic lenses are perfect for people who are trying lenses for the first time. Since these colors are completely natural and muted, you can easily experiment and find out your desired shade. Also, FreshLook lenses come in a daily disposable option which gives you the freedom to only wear these contacts once. This is the best way to find out which lenses shade suits your face and hair color the best. 

FreshLook Contact Lens Kit

Build your own FreshLook lenses kit with the top selling shades from their range. You can choose your top favorite shades from the one day range or colorblends range and wear them as you desire. Also, you can get the monthly supply of FreshLook one day lenses for your ease. 

The FreshLook colorblends contacts are monthly disposable lenses that last for 30 consecutive days. You can wear these lenses every day without the need to dispose of them for a month. 

Is FreshLook Contact Lenses Safe?

Answer: FreshLook lenses are produced under the proper care and consideration of experts by Alcon. The FreshLook brand pays extra attention to the quality and longevity of contact lenses. This aspect makes these lenses suitable for daily wear over several hours. 

Even though these lenses are a safe option for your eyes, always remember to take some necessary precautions while wearing contact lenses. Never put expired contact lenses in your eyes and always rinse them before and after every use. 

How many contacts are in a box of FreshLook colorblends?

Answer: FreshLook colorblends lenses come in a packaging of two contact lenses, each for one eye. Therefore, you do not have to buy a separate lens for each eye. The convenient packaging gives a high quality experience to the consumers and keeps the lenses safe and intact. 

These affordable contact lenses in Pakistan have beautiful and natural shades perfect for summer and winter. Also, the wide range of options makes it easier to choose your desired shades. 

How do I take care of FreshLook contact lenses?

Answer: You can wear FreshLook lenses the same way as you wear other regular contact lenses. These lenses do not need extra maintenance or care due to the high durability and flexibility. However, you must maintain hygiene and sanitization for the safety of your eyes. 

Always use a good quality contact lens solution to clean your lenses and store them in a clean air-tight case. Also, never use contact lenses over the expiry date as it can lead to irritation or bacterial infections in the eyes. 

Buy the immaculate shades of Freshlook color contacts on and avail of free delivery with your order. Also, you can enjoy the wholesale rates of all contact lenses available on our website.