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Contact Lens Solution Price in Pakistan Buy Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution OnlineFrequently Asked Questions

Buy the Most Affordable Contact Lens Solution Price in Pakistan offers a variety of best selling contact lens solutions from brands all over the world. We never compromise in the quality and always provide our customers the best in the terms of price and quality. You can shop for the premium quality contact lens solution from our website at the lowest rates available in Pakistan. 

Contact lens solution is a necessity when it comes to extended wear lenses, monthly or yearly contact lenses. This specialized solution keeps your lenses soft and moisturized to prevent dryness in the eyes during the day. Also, this solution helps lubrication of the eye surface to reduce any hindrance between the lenses and your eyes. 

A good quality multi purpose lens solution also comes with disinfecting properties that prevent ocular infections. Contact lenses are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria due to high oxygenation and moisture. Hence, a sterile lens solution is essential to keep these unwanted infections at bay and maintain healthy eyes. 

Another important aspect of contact lens solution is the removal of excessive particles that accumulate over time on monthly and yearly contact lenses. This debris can cause blurry vision and irritation in the eyes. Meanwhile, the lens solution has target enzymes that break down the lipids and proteins on the surface of contact lenses. offers the best prices on the finest quality products and fast delivery service all over Pakistan. Also, our wide range of products makes us popular among the local customer base.

Ultimate Plus Lens Solution Price in Pakistan

The highest performance Ultimate Plus lens solution is available on This solution is the best selling contact lens solution in Pakistan due to its affordable price and high quality. Also, this multipurpose lens solution maintains the moisture of your lenses all day due to its latest technology. The moisture layer acts as a buffer between the eye and lens surface to reduce friction. 

Ultimate plus lens solution also comes with intense lubrication of the cornea to prevent strain on your eyes. This aspect prevents drying and irritation in the eyes due to prolonged wear of contact lenses. Also, this multipurpose solution removes the excess debris including proteins and lipids from the lens surface. These materials can cause blurry vision and also damage the eyes. 

The cleaning action formula of this solution makes it the best contact cleaning solution as it prevents any ocular infection. Any contamination of microbes and bacteria on the lenses can lead to a serious eye infection or even blindness in some cases. Therefore, always choose a contact lens solution brand that can provide the best quality and performance. 

Shop the Best Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution Online

You can buy a variety of eye solutions online from at the best rates available across the country. These lens solutions come in various sizes for your ease and affordable prices. 

Penta Plex Multi Purpose Solution

P2 lens solution or the Penta plex lens solution is one of the top selling contact lens solutions online. This solution disinfects the lenses and thoroughly cleans them to make them fresh as new. Also, it is a highly moisturizing solution to store your lenses over a long time. 

The high lubricating power gives a soft texture to your lenses for comfortable wear all day. Penta plex multi purpose solution is available in three convenient sizes at the lowest price in Pakistan. 

Sauflon Contact Lens Solution

This all in one contact lens solution helps clean your lenses and remove any deposits on the surface of lenses. Sauflon all in one contact lens solution is suitable for all kinds of contact lenses including colored and transparent lenses. 

The excessive deposits on the lens surface occur due to daily wear, especially on monthly and yearly contact lenses. Hence, it is essential to remove these particles as they can cause irritation in the eyes. Sauflon contact lens solution degrades these particles to provide you clear and crisp vision every day. 

Bausch and Lomb Lens Solution

One of the most prominent names in the world of contact lenses, Bausch and Lomb not only offers contact lenses but also lens solutions at a great price. They provide premium quality lens solutions that take proper care of your lenses. 

Renu lens solution is a worldwide top selling lens solution that comes in four different sizes depending on your usage. This lens solution is perfect for storing contact lenses as it does not allow bacterial growth on the lens. Also, it effectively cleans and softens your lenses to increase their life. Renu contact lens solution by Bausch and Lomb is available on at the lowest price in Pakistan. 

Hy Care Contact Lens Solution

This high quality lens solution by Sauflon offers good performance at a reasonable price. Also, Hy care lens solution is specially formulated with care to keep your lenses safe and clean. 

Contact lenses accumulated with contamination can harm the eyes and cause irritation. Hence, choose a good quality disinfecting lens solution that not only rinses the lenses but also prevents contamination. offers a wide range of premium quality multi purpose lens solutions to keep your lenses clean and fresh. 

Q: How To Use Contact Lens Solution?

Answer: You can use a multi purpose lens solution to rinse your lenses and store them in the lens case. Follow these steps to effectively rinse your lenses and remove the contamination from the lens surface:

1- Thoroughly wash your hands with a good soap before touching your contact lenses. 

2- Hold the lens in your palm and put 5-6 drops on both sides of your lenses. 

3- Gently rinse your lenses by rubbing them with the help of your finger to remove any contamination from the surface. 

4- Make sure that you are extremely gentle as it can cause scratches on the lens surface. 

5- Clean your lenses thoroughly with the lens solution for 10-15 seconds. 

6- Put your lens back into the lens case and pour a fresh lens solution.

Repeat these steps with the other lens and your contact lenses are good to use for the next time. 

Q: What’s the best solution for contact lenses? 

Answer: Most of the contact lens solutions help remove the microbial load, protein debris, and dust from the lens surface. Also, these lens solutions provide adequate hydration to your lenses. Multipurpose contact lens solutions have numerous advantages as they come with all in one quality.

You can rinse your lenses with a multipurpose solution and also use it to store your lenses for a long time. However, always remember to refill your contact lens case with a fresh solution every time you wear your lenses. 

Q: Is it OK to change the contact lens solution brand?

Answer: It is safe to change your contact lens solution brand while using the same pair of contact lenses. However, you need to follow some essential steps to avoid any irritation or complication. 

1- Thoroughly clean your contact lens case and add the new solution in the case. 

2- Keep your contact lenses immersed in the new solution for about two hours.

3- Change the solution with a fresh solution and repeat the process for about four hours. 

4- Repeat the process for the third time but leave your contact lenses in the solution for at least 12 hours. 

This process will help you get rid of the traces of your old solution. 

Q: Can contact solution damage your eyes?

Answer: Contact lens solution consists of water, salts, enzymes, and cleaning agents to maintain the quality of your contact lenses. However, the cleaning agents and enzymes are not safe for use as a rinsing solution. 

The enzymes in the lens solution degrade the protein material accumulated on the lens surface. Hence, these enzymes can disrupt the eye surface and may cause irritation. It is better to use a saline solution as eye drops as it only contains salt and water. 

Q: Can I leave my contact lenses without a solution?

Answer: Contact lens solution is essential to maintain the hygiene and clarity of contact lenses. Also, water and saline solution are not alternates for lens solutions in the long term. The bacteria grow on the contact lens surface without a lens solution and can lead to eye infections. 

You can keep your contact lenses without a solution for a couple of hours. However, leaving them longer than that will make your lenses dry and brittle, and prone to breakage. Also, if you keep your lenses without a solution, always take precautions and clean them thoroughly before putting them in your eyes. 

Q: Can you use a hydrogen peroxide contact solution?

Answer: Contact lens solution is of two types; a multipurpose solution or all in one lens solution and the other one is hydrogen peroxide based lens solution. The multipurpose solution has a lot of benefits including removing excess material and disinfecting the lenses. 

On the other hand, Hydrogen peroxide has a deeper cleaning action than regular lens solution as it has more powerful action against bacteria. Also, this substance can penetrate the outer film of bacteria to degrade them effectively.