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Eye Soft Contact Lenses Price in Pakistan

Eye Soft contact lenses have a premium collection of contact lenses to create a transition in your appearance. Get rid of your annoying glasses and grab these beautiful and enchanting best price Eye Soft contact lenses in Pakistan. The original Eye Soft lenses are daily-wear lenses which are made of silicone material that avoids dryness because it does not absorb the natural hydration of your eyes but allows oxygen to get transferred from the atmosphere to the cornea of your eyes. It contains 55% water content that makes it super hydrated and comfortable to wear. 

These authentic transparent contact lenses are monthly disposable but must be removed before going to bed and cleaned each night to prevent any kind of dullness and irritation. You can wear them on a daily basis to give a nice and decent change. Also available with correction for near and farsighted prescriptions.  

Lens Collection Price
Eye Soft Rs. 2,200
Eye Soft Transparent Rs. 2,800
Eye Soft Toric Rs. 4,500

Get your own pair of contact lenses at reasonable prices that are accessible in 3 collections that are Eye Soft, Eye Soft Toric, and Eye Soft Transparent. 

Eye Soft

Eye soft color monthly disposable contact lenses in Pakistan are a collection of 6 appealing shades that are Expressive Grey, Darling Green, Dynamic Hazel, Classy Aqua, Sparkling Violet, and Sky Blue. Match your outfit with any of these best price authentic lenses and slay your look. 

Eye Soft Toric

Eye Soft Toric is a collection of sunflower patterned contact lenses available in both colored and transparent. Eye Soft extended-wear toric contact lenses have 2 alluring colors available that are Grey and Hazel. Eye Soft Toric Grey is a cool light-toned lens, and Eye Soft Toric Hazel is a warm-toned lense that intensifies your look. 

Eye Soft Transparent

Eye Soft contact lenses also have a transparent contact lens with a wide power range. These transparent power contact lenses provide you a clear vision and are less noticeable than the eyeglasses or color contact lenses. If you want your natural look without any specific change, then Eye Soft Transparent contact lenses are made for you.