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Lowest Price of Bella Contact Lenses in Pakistan

Contact lenses are much more convenient than wearing eyeglasses since neither do they fog up while drinking tea/coffee nor they cause pressure on your due to continuously wearing them. Bella lenses are one of the top selling colored contact lenses in most countries around the world. They offer versatile designs and stunning shades that look equally beautiful on all skin tones. Now you can buy Bella lenses in Pakistan from the leading online contact lens store, 

Bella lenses mainly gained their popularity due to their extensive range and a huge variety of tones. The multidimensional shades look natural and completely mask your real eye color. Also, this temporary accessory can completely upgrade your look from day tonight. 

The high quality material of Bella contact lenses, Polymacon allows flexibility in the lenses and gives a soft, smooth texture. Also, these lenses are highly durable and dehydration resistant due to the moisture retaining technology. In Bella lenses, water is a component of the material itself which makes these lenses highly unlikely to dry out. you will experience utmost comfort and moisture in the eyes while wearing Bella contact lenses in the eyes. 

Lens Collection Price
Bella Natural Lenses Rs. 3,700
Bella Glow Lenses Rs. 4,300
Bella Elite Lenses Rs. 5,300
Bella Diamond Lenses Rs. 4,300
Bella Highlight Lenses Rs. 3,400
Bella One Day Lenses Rs. 1,850

Bella contact lenses available in Pakistan are the perfect option if you want to try attractive and mesmerizing colored lenses for the first time. These are the best contact lenses brand in Pakistan.

It’s about time that you make this decision of finally dumping your geeky eyeglasses and buy perfect Bella lenses to entirely change your persona.

Colored contacts not only offer you the opportunity of changing your eye hues but also gives you the option of fixing your eyesight. There are different varieties available in colored contact lenses.

Bella lenses offer a variety of collections inspired by different elements and styles. The best selling Bella lenses collections are available on at an affordable price. Its different range offers a wide selection for the customers to choose from, these include; Bella Diamond, Bella Elite, Bella Glow, Bella Highlight and Bella One-Day colored lenses.

All these variations of Bella Lenses offer an enormous range of colors where you can choose the perfect pair of contacts for yourself.

Bella Elite Collection 

Bella Elite Collection came out back in 2017 and instantly became a hit. This collection has some of the top selling Bella lenses shades. Also, this collection became highly popular after various celebrities were spotted wearing these lenses. 

This collection comes with more than 10 natural yet vivid contact lens shades with a delicate outer ring. The subtle limbal ring gives a soft and natural look to the eyes. Also, this collection is ideal for people who want to spice up their look without looking tacky. 

The subtle shades will not only accentuate the eyes but also give a sophisticated look. The Bella Lenses Elite Collection has a series of 10 different colors that are amber gold, midnight blue, crystal N, sandy brown, grey-beige, sandy grey, silky gold, mint grey, silky green and lavender gray. Bella Elite collection includes the best selling shades including Bella Cinnamon Brown, Bella Gray Beige, Bella Lavender Gray, Bella Silky Gray, Bella Silky Gray, and many more.  This collection has very natural-looking shades for the people who don’t like to experiment with bold eye colors.

Bella Natural Collection 

Bella Natural Collection features brilliant shades with a delicate limbal ring on the circumference. This collection has special multidimensional shade lenses that give a 3D effect to the eyes. Also, these lenses have a unique starburst print that draws attention towards your eyes. 

These colored contacts will completely transform your eyes and add an intense color burst for a stunning look. Some of the best selling shades from the Natural Bella Collection include Bella Cool Hazel, Bella Natural Gray, Bella Natural Hazel, Bella Viola Gray, and many more. 

Bella Glow Collection 

Bella Glow Collection is a best seller collection from the entire Bella lenses range. It comes with 9 captivating shades that include vivid brights to subtle and natural tones. Also, these lenses have a distinct limbal ring that enhances the size of your eyes and makes them look more glamorous. 

Choose your desired shade from the Glow collection and make a dramatic and bold statement with your eyes. The top selling Bella Glow shades include Bella Gray Caramel, Bella Luminous Pearl, Bella Radiant Brown, Bella Husky Gray Green, Bella Lime Green, and many more. 

Bella Diamond Collection 

To make your eyes look mesmerizing you can pick a color from our Bella Diamond collection which enhances the limbal ring and makes your iris noticeable. Bella Diamond Collection was launched by the world-renowned celebrity, Kim Kardashian. This unique collection features 7 alluring and majestic shades known to instantly transform the appearance. Bella Diamond colored contact lenses make your eyes shine right and add a diamond-like sparkle to them. This collection has multiple options to choose from that are husky grey-green, lime green, radiant brown, radiant hazelnut, navy grey, radiant grey, grey caramel, luminous pearl, and vivid blue colors. The top selling diamond collection shades include Bella Shadow Brown, Bella Glitter Gray, Bella Gray Shadow, Bella Almond Gray, and many others. 

Order the Full Range of Bella Contact Lenses Online 

Bella contact lenses offer the widest range of colored contact lenses for you to choose from. Most of the social media influencers and celebrities around the world prefer Bella Lenses. Some of the widely loved shades from their collections include: 

Bella Contour Green

The super aesthetic design of Bella contour lenses comes in a stunning green shade with a prominent limbal ring. You can wear these lenses over any eye color and they look perfect on every skin tone equally. Also, these lenses are available with a vision correction option. 

Bella Viola Gray Lenses

The Bella Natural Collection has this stunning gray shade with a distinct limbal ring to make your eyes stand out. Also, the slight purple tint around the pupil adds a special effect to this gorgeous shade. 

Bella lenses are suitable for use for up to 3 months and look stunning on dark or light eye colors. Also, these lenses come with a prescription option for daily comfortable wear. 

Bella Brown Shadow 

One of the best selling colored contact lenses, Bella shadow brown lenses are perfect for day to night time wear every day. These lenses have a natural dark brown shade that adds a hint of glamour and sophistication to your eyes. 

Also, these lenses stay soft and comfortable in your eyes all day which is a plus point. 

Bella Gray Shadow Lenses

The diamond collection features the Bella lenses gray shadow color that looks vibrant yet natural. Look unique and enchanting with this beautiful gray shade that does not look overboard. 

All the Bella lenses have a UV blocking feature and high moisture that helps protect the health of your eyes. Also, this hydration level prevents dryness and itching in the eyes. 

Bella Silky Green Lenses

Green contact lenses do not look unnatural anymore with the gorgeous silky green Bella shade. This pair has soft olive tones combined with gold hues to give an attractive look. 

The impeccable finish of green combined with gold looks good on every complexion. Also, this unique shade will surely turn heads everywhere you go!

Bella Colored Contacts Review 

Overall, Bella contact lenses are a smart investment for your eyes as they last for 3 months of daily wear. Aso, the stunning shades and intricate patterns can not be found anywhere for this price. 

The top selling Bella lenses always get five star reviews and never disappoint the customers. Every Bella contact lens shade is made with utmost perfection and unique design. These lenses are widely loved in all parts of the world including Pakistan. has all the stunning shades of Bella collections for you to purchase. These lenses are a safe option for anyone who wants to try colored contact lenses for the first time. Also, Bella prescription lenses are available with a variety of power options. 

The prominent specifications include the Bella lens diameter of 14.5 that covers the iris completely. Also, these contact lenses come with a wide pupil hole that gives an enlarged effect to the eyes. All the Bella lens collections have a prominent subtle limbal ring according to your choice. The range varies from subtle shades to bright colors suitable for any occasion.


Where does deliver Bella contact lenses in Pakistan?

Answer: delivers Bella contact lenses in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and the rest of Pakistan as well. We provide a fast delivery service to our customers and free shipping over all contact lenses brands. Also, we bring you the lowest price of Bella lenses in Pakistan and exceptional customer support for the buyers. 

Can I sleep while wearing Bella contact lenses?

Answer: Bella lenses are not extended wear contacts but are daily wear lenses. You need to take them off before going to bed and wear them the next day. 

Always store lenses in the sterile case after taking them off. Also, change the contact lens solution every time you wear these lenses or take them off. It is important to effectively remove the excess material and debris from the lens surface. 

The debris and dirt can hinder your vision and cause blurry sight. Therefore, always clean the lenses in a couple of drops of contact lens solution before wearing them. Bella lenses are also suitable for people with weak eyesight as they come in a power option as well.