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Bella Contact Lenses Price in Pakistan

Contact lenses are much more convenient than wearing eyeglasses since neither do they fog up while drinking tea/coffee nor they cause pressure on your due to continuously wearing them. Bella contact lenses available in Pakistan are the perfect option if you want to try attractive and mesmerizing colored lenses for the first time. These are the best contact lenses brand in Pakistan.

Lens Collection Price
Bella Natural Rs. 2,650
Bella Glow Rs. 3,460
Bella Elite Rs. 3,950
Bella Diamond Rs. 3,180
Bella Highlight Rs. 2,650
Bella One Day Lenses Rs. 9,00

You can get rid of your boring nerdy look using by ordering Bella colored contact lenses in Pakistan. We ship across the country including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan and all over Pakistan. It’s about time that you make this decision of finally dumping your geeky eyeglasses and buy perfect Bella lenses to entirely change your persona.

Colored contacts not only offer you the opportunity of changing your eye hues but it also gives you the option of fixing your eyesight. There are different varieties available in colored contact lenses. We here at offers the top-rated Bella Lenses collection. Its different range offers a wide selection for the customers to choose from, these include; Bella Diamond, Bella Elite, Bella Glow, Bella Highlight and Bella One-Day colored lenses.

All these variations of Bella Lenses offer an enormous range of colors where you can choose the perfect pair of contacts for yourself.

Bella Elite

The Bella Lenses Elite Collection has a series of 10 different colors that are amber gold, midnight blue, crystal N, sandy brown, grey-beige, sandy grey, silky gold, mint grey, silky green and lavender gray. This collection has very natural-looking shades for the people who don’t like to experiment with bold eye colors.

Bella Highlight

For some extra eye protection, you can select from the 4 different shades of Bella Highlight collection, offering the shades cool hazel, cool gray colors, circle brown, and circle gray.

Bella Diamond

To make your eyes look mesmerizing you can pick a color from our Bella Diamond collection which enhances the limbal ring and makes your iris noticeable. This collection has multiple options to choose from that are husky grey-green, lime green, radiant brown, radiant hazelnut, navy grey, radiant grey, grey caramel, luminous pearl, and vivid blue colors.